Android phone me user accounts kese add karain?

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Android phone me user accounts add karne ka tariqa – Agar aap apne smartphone me user account add karna chahte he to is ke lye neeche diye gaye tariqe pe amal karian.
Usually, there are three types of accounts available on android:

Owner: The king account is the one we create in the beginning when starting up the gadget and it has complete authority and cannot be deleted (by any other account) nor created again

User: This account allows users to access their own apps and content which are installed by itself, and its actions are monitored by the owner account

Restricted profile: A restricted account has limited access to the apps (it can only open ones allowed by the owner) and cannot use apps which require signing in.

Firstly on your smartphone, go to settings icon and scroll down to the device settings. Here check for the user option and upon clicking it there would be an option to add new users. Upon pressing this there is a setup process which needs to be completed. Now you are ready to go and use the new account you just added.

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