How To Get Rid Of Oily Skin Naturally At home, Face Whitening Tips

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Beauty Tips For Oily Skin Face

As I have discussed in my previous posts that skin is the outer most layer of your body which protects your inner body structure from the environmental pollution and bacteria. Skin structure depends upon the geographical location and the climate of that specific place. People have different skin types regarding their skin issues. Mostly women have skin issues and they apply different kinds of beauty products that also can make the problem worse. The main issue is that women with skin issues do experiments with their skin by consulting a beautician, a doctor and applying different skin care products without judging their skin type.

Mostly women face these kinds of problems with their skin being oily and dry in different seasons. Some have these issues throughout a specific age. To overcome these problems they use different methods, some of which work and some don’t. Because the treatments they use to fix their skin problems does not accept their skin very quickly. Women with oily skin feel a little greasy every time they take a shower and their makeup gets off very quickly and they have to apply it many times a day. Women with oily skins also catch dirt and dust very quickly. This leads to blocked pores which cause acne and other skin problems like blackheads and dark circles.

Oily Skin FaceIn this article I will cover some very basics of how to maintain your skin and use these tips for oily skin to help prevent greasy nature of your skin. I will also discuss that how you can compare products with your skin in order to make your skin and the product friendly. Here are some very top and useful beauty tips for oily skin that you can use to make your skin soft and oil free.
  1. The best and the very basic way to get rid of your oily skin is cleansing your face 3 times a day. Cleansing whips the dirt off your skin and protects your skin from clog pores, acne etc.
  2. Wash your face as much as you can because excessive use of soap will make your skin dry, decreasing the oily nature.
  3. Use scrubs at least after 2 days because scrubbing can give your face a mat look and can and can decrease the oil gesture.
  4. Apply masks on your face weekly. This can help you make your face oil free and healthy because it removes almost all the dirt and bacteria that harm your precious skin.
  5. Natural homemade beauty tips can also help you make your skin oil free. Slice an apple into pieces, blend it with some honey and apply it on your face and then after 20 minutes remove it with the help of Luke warm water.
  6. Due to exposure in the polluted environment with smoke dirt and dust our skin gets many problems making it lifeless. So cleansing your skin daily can help you make it oil free and you can get rid of the shine that irritates you.
  7. Vitamin C can help you make your skin dirt free and you can have vitamin c in fruits. Eat fruits every day because natural cures can resolve body issues.
  8. Keep your sunscreen with you. Because exposure to sun can damage your skin in no time making it worse to handle.
  9.  When you wake up in the morning take a tissue paper and rub it on your face slowly. If the tissue paper wet and has dirt on it that means you have oily skin.
  10. Another method to prevent oily skin is that, take almond oil and mix it with few drops of lemon and apply it on your face. Be patient and keep doing this for a month daily. You will get good results.

Note: In this post I have try to cover some homemade tips and tricks of oily skin for boys, girls and women. If you think that there is something that you need to know more of this article you can comment in the comment box or you can directly contact me through contact us page of Beauty Tips.

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