how to take care of skin in winter naturally

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Skin Care Beauty Tips For Men and Women

The change in weather affects your skin very much. Especially in winter when the weather is cold and dry the moisture inside the skin decomposes very quickly and the skin is much more exposed to bacteria and germs. The skin becomes dull, dark and loses its original colour. Now there are many ways to protect your skin but I have enlisted some of the main tips for skin care in winter are as follows:

  1. Whenever you go outside the house then you and your skin is exposed to the outer environment which is harsh in winter and you should always use SUNSCREEN which will protect your skin from sun rays because your skin is mostly sensitive in winter.
  2. In winter don’t take too much shower in hot water because it affects the outer layer of the skin and damages it.
  3. Regularly wash your skin with good quality skin cleansing lotion which will keep your skin healthy, moisturized and also wear warm cloths.
  4. There is a Chinese ancient formula which tells that by drinking water with few drops of lemon keeps your skin healthy and also helps clean your liver and other organs.
  5. By taking proper diet like eating healthy vegetables, fruits and meat in balanced proportions will help your body to resists the bad bacteria and also drink minimum 12 glasses of water daily will help you to stay fit and will make your skin more lively and prominent.

Skin Care in WinterSome people cannot bear the cold, dry and snowy weather of winter. Especially cracks on lips and foot are very much prominent and are mainly infected in winter. If you get sick in winter then the condition becomes worse but luckily by using some of the tips and tricks you can save your beautiful skin. There are many good products available in market which can also help your skin. I have also enlisted some of the important products which are given as follows:

  1. Use lip balm whenever you move outdoor because lip balm will not let your lips dry and will make it moisturized all day long.
  2. Apply skin moisturizers on your face and also on other sensitive parts of your body. Using skin moisturizer made from oil works much better in winter.
  3. As I have told you before that extensive use of sunscreen will protect your skin especially from sunlight and Ultra violet rays because in winter the skin becomes more sensitive and becomes more exposed to these threats.
  4. Also use body screen because the protection of other parts of the body is also important.
  5.  You can use body butters because they are much thicker then body lotions and stay longer in your skin for protection from cold.

You can use all these skin care products but another thing is also important that these products should be good in terms of quality and effectiveness. Because there are many products available in market that can ruin your skin because of their bad quality and your miss conception about the product. Before buying any chemical product you should always know the type of your skin and also what type of chemical your skin allergic is to. Please do give us feedback about this article and do take care of your beautiful body. Your comment will really boost me to write more beauty tips to help men and women to enhance their beauty.
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