Astrological Sign, Cheat Sheet On Astrological Sign Compatibility

Cheat Sheet On Astrological Sign Compatibility

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Whether you believe in astrology or not, it can always be a fun topic to consider. You might run into coincidences where all of your best friends or partners are Aries's and you are a Sagittarius. Knowing which sign will mesh well with yours may seem like a hard task, but it is actually quite simple. It all depends on if they are in your element. There are some exceptions to the rule as well.

First off, know your sun sign so you can find out your element. If you don't already know yours, you can find out here. Once you know your sign, find it in the list of elements to know whether you are fire, earth, air or water:

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Under your element, you will find yourself and two other signs that are automatically compatible with yours because you share the same element and naturally understand each other. Fire signs are described as being adventurous, spontaneous, passionate, and very energetic. Earth signs are stable, patient, determined, and ambitious. Air signs are intellectual, good communicators, witty, and objective. Water signs are emotional, intuitive, creative, and psychic. Categorizing the 12 sun signs makes it a lot easier to understand them on a broader level.

Apart from being compatible with people like yourself, you can also be compatible with signs of a different element. Fire and air compliment each other in nature, as do water and earth. These signs fuel or nourish each other which makes them compatible elements. So, according to astrology you are compatible to at least half of the population. That can be very reassuring for whenever you feel like an outcast.

Astrology should be taken with a grain of salt because there is no actual proof of it being accurate, but there are coincidences where the stars have aligned and the spiritual gods have answered our prayers.

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It is odd to find out that a majority of your friends are either fire or air signs when you are an Aquarius. You may realize that you are more comfortable around these people or you share similar outlooks on life. Sure, it could just be the Barnum effect messing with our brains like it does in palm reading, but why take the fun out of it? Go ahead and analyze the relationships you have with others based on the designed personalities.

I have a knack for studying personalities myself and started my research through astrology. It is so interesting to understand the people around you and their characteristics at a deeper level. I started on a quest many years ago to figure out who I am, but along the way, I noticed that I liked to gain a grasp of others as well. There's a whole world of personalities to explore.
Astrological Sign Compatibility Quiz
Do you believe in astrology and compatibility? Take this quiz to see if you know which signs go together and which signs don't

Questions and Answers
1. Geminis have low compatibility with this sign.
A. Virgo
B. Leo
C. Libra
D. Aquarius
 2. Sagittarius has high compatibility with this sign.
A. Cancer
B. Aquarius
C. Virgo
D. Pisces
 3. These two signs are compatible because they share the same element.
A. Libra/Gemini
B. Sagittarius/Scorpio
C. Libra/Leo
D. Taurus/Pisces
 4. Because Libra sits directly opposite to this sign on the astrological wheel, they are very compatible.
A. Gemini
B. Sagittarius
C. Virgo
D. Aries
 5. Because Sagittarius is a ___________ sign, they are highly compatible with _________ signs.
A. Fire/air
B. Fire/water
C. Air/water
D. Air/earth
 6. Scorpio has the lowest compatibility with ___________.
A. Cancer
B. Virgo
C. Leo
D. Pisces
 7. Capricorn is the most compatible with which of the following signs?
A. Aries
B. Taurus
C. Libra
D. Gemini
 8. This sign is directly opposite Sagittarius ad is therefore very compatible with it.
A. Gemini
B. Cancer
C. Taurus
D. Aries
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