International Clown Week 2019

International Clown Week 2019

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This is the third or fourth year in a row that I forgot that this week is International Clown Week.

I have posted about it before.  (In fact, when I went to go look for images for this, I found one of the images that I created!)

What can I tell you, I’m a professional clown.  I’m good at being forgetful.

(and you can read the previous post to see some info about the relevance of International Clown Week)  Nevertheless, it is a good moment to bask in all things clown.  (Which we try to do every day here at clownlink)

August 1st thru the 7th was designated “National Clown Week” by Joint Congressional Resolution, approved October 8, 1970 and signed into law by President Richard Nixon on August 2, 1971.

In part the proclamation reads,

International Clown Week

The first week in August is International Clown Week

“Whoever has heard the laughter of a child or seen the sudden delight on the face of a lonely old man has understood in those brief moments mysteries deeper than love. 
All men are indebted to those who bring such moments of quiet splendor-who redeem sickness and pain with joy. All across

America good men in putty noses and baggy trousers following a tradition as old as man’s need to gently touch the lives of his fellowman. Today, as always, clowns and the spirit they represent are as vital to the maintenance of our humanity as the

builders and the growers and governors… “

Our purpose is to celebrate, promote, and inform on International Clown Week, which is the First week in August, every year. 

Jugglers have a single day. Balloon Twisters have a single day and Magicians have a single day. But Clowns have a seven days - an entire week called International Clown Week. 

So check out our pages for information on International Clown Week, such as the following info
  • Proclamation of National Clown Week by President Richard Nixon
  • History of National Clown Week
  • Charlie Award from COAI
  • Bronze Clown Shoe award from Clown Hall of Fame
  • What is Clown Week
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  • Fear of Clowns
  • Clown College and Clown Schools
  • Clown Eggs
  • Sample Press Release for use with International Clown Week
  • Sample Proclamation for use with International Clown Week

Remember in the late July timeframe to send out your International Clown Week eCards to all of your friends, around the world
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